PU Open Belts Exporter

PU Open Belt Manufacturer

We are the most reputed and leading PU open Rubber Belts manufacturer and exporter company in all over the India. We use the top class quality raw materials such as Thermoplastic Polyurethane & high strength fine Steel Wire for manufacturing these PU Open Belts. Our PU open belts have many features like wear-resistance and high strength performance.Our products are widely used for transmission with small production tolerances. They can also used for stable transmission, wide application, long transmission distance and accurate size.

Polyurethane Belts are available in open length rolls, as endless jointed belts or endless joint less belts. We manufacture these belts in bulk production and also manufacture as customized production as per our customer's requirement or special design.

FEATURES of PU open belts

  • HFE High Flexibility
  • HPL High Performance
  • XHPL Extra High Performance
  • Inox Stainless Steel
  • Aramid
  • Antistatic Properties
XL 5.08 MM
L 9.525 MM
H 12.70 MM
XH 22.275MM
T2.5 5.0 MM
T5 10.0 MM
T10 20.0 MM
T20 5.0 MM
AT5 5.0 MM
AT10 10.0 MM
AT20 20.0 MM
HTD 5M 5.0MM
HTD 8M 8.0MM
HTD 14M 14.0MM
EAGLE 14M 14.0MM