Polyflex Belts And Exporters

Polyflex Belts Supplier

We are the only world leading and most reliable manufactures and exporters company of Packing Machine Belts in India. Our products are also used in eat Sealing in Endless Bandsaw Heat Sealing Belt. We can operate these high quality Polyflex Belts at a very High Shaft Speed.

We manufacture these Polyflex belts from V Belts and Polyurethane which are widely used for any special applications. We offer very wide range of these belts such as 3M, 5M, 7M, and 11M. We also provide these belts in Banded Types for our clients.

Benefits of polyflex belts

  • High-Modulus Polyurethane Compound.
  • Increased V-Belt Stability.
  • Best Support for Tensile Section.
  • High Shaft Speeds.
RANGE 3M 5M 7M 11M
CROSS SECTION 3 * 2 MM 5 * 3 MM 7* 5 MM 11 * 7 MM