Timing Belts
Conveyor Belts
PU Timing Belts
V Belts Manufacturer

Timing Belts

Timing Belts

We are the leading manufacturer and exporter copany of wide range of Timing Belts which are mainly used fir for power transmission.

Rubber Belts Manufacturer

Rubber Belts

We are made from optimum quality raw materials that ensure longer working life. Moreover, we are counted as reliable suppliers of Rubber Belts.

Conveyor Belts

Conveyor Belts

Our Conveyor Belts are widely used in different types of applications like Bottling Plant, Wood working Furniture, Granite, Brick, Glass Industries.

Rubber Belts Manufacturer

Rubber Belts Manufacturer

Our company, “Shail International Pvt. Ltd.” is the rubber belts manufacturer in Mumbai, India. We make use of the best quality raw material that is used for the manufacturing of the different types of the rubber belts India. Our company is the timing belts manufacturers and has been serving the national and the international customers for the past four decades.

The STD belts supplier by us are made only by using the superior quality raw material. The company has all the modern facility and the latest features equipped machinery that facilitates the superior quality rubber manufacturing.

The “Shail International Private Limited” location is such that it is easily accessible from the different area of the India and hence we are the leading HTD belts supplier in India.

An Overview on Rubber Belts

The rubber belts are the types of the belts that are manufactured using the rubber and they are available in the different types and design that are used for the variety of the purposes.
Our Products
The given below are the different type of the rubber belts provided by our company they are stated below

    • Timing Belts
    • STD Belts
    • HTD Belts
    • PU Flex Belts
    • PU Open Belts
    • PU Jointed Belts
    • PU Round Belts
    • Polyflex Belts
    • PU Timing Belts
    • Knitting Belts
    • Poly V Belts

The stated above is the range of the rubber belts that are manufactured by our organization. They are available in the different sizes that are used for the variety of the different purposes. They are mostly used for connecting the two pulleys and play a major role for the product transmission using this conveyor system.

The main benefits of the using this rubber belt are that it makes the product transmission very fast and easy. As, these Polyflex belts manufacturer are used for the product transmission they are reducing the over transmission timing and the man power that would have been utilized for the overall timing and hence these rubber flat belts super endless are playing an important role for various applications.

Features of Rubber Belts

The rubber belts provided by the company are possessing following features

  • The rubber belts work very efficiently whenever they are used for working.
  • The PU Flex belts manufacturer by the Shail International are strong enough.
  • Very useful for transmission of the product irrespective of their sizes.
  • Requires very low maintenance.
  • They are highly flexible in nature.
  • Easily available in different sizes.
  • Whenever they are used they provide the noise free working and transmission of the product.

We are the leading rubber PU Open belts manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India. The Shail’s International has gained lots of the popularity amongst the customers situated in the Indian and the foreign countries.

Application of the Rubber Belts

The main use of the rubber belts that are provided by our organization are stated below

  • The rubber belts are generally used for connecting the two pulleys that are further used for different purposes.
  • They are used by the different industries.
  • In the irrigation equipment.
  • By the power transmission equipment.
  • Also for the product transmission by different industries.

We are the leading rubber belt manufacturer and products like Timing Belts, STD Belts, HTD Belts, PU Flex Belts, PU Open Belts, PU Jointed Belts, PU Round Belts, Polyflex Belts, Knitting Belts, Gates Ploychain GT Belts, Knitting Belts, Lifting Tape supplier and exporter in India.

Our Service

We are living in the world that is full of the competitor and there are so many rubber belts manufacturer and supplier in India. But there are several factors that dissociate us from the other service provider. That has made us the first choice amongst the customer when it comes about the rubber belt manufacturer in Mumbai, India.

Our company has been flourishing under the supervision of the Mr. Suresh Somani and has experience of the rubber PU jointed belts manufacturer for more than 39 years in the Indian market. The company makes use of the superior quality raw material and the latest technology machinery that improves the quality of the rubber. Our R&D department is continuously working on improving the quality of the rubber belts and inventing new methodology that improves their overall performance and helps in manufacturing of the best quality rubber knitting belts India.

We are the leading rubber Polyflex belts suppliers in India.  The rubber belts are only hand over to the customers after passing the several quality checks and we ensure that the best quality rubber PU Flex belts supplier in the major states of India like Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Rajasthan, etc.  to the customers.

Beside this, we are also the leading rubber belts supplier in India and the rubber belts exporter to the foreign countries like USA, UK, Europe, Australia, Africa, Bangladesh, etc. The fast and the secure delivery of the products are provided by us that are also at the reasonable price.

Benefits of Our Services

The given below are the benefits of the services
  • We are the best rubber belts manufacturer in India.
  • The utilization of the best quality raw material for the rubber belt manufacturer.
  • They production is carried out under the experts guidance and supervision.
  • After passing several qualities check the product is hand over to the customers.
  • We are providing secure and the safe delivery of the product in any part of the world.
  • The rubber poly v belts manufacture by us is environment friendly.
  • The products provided by the Shail International are the budget friendly.

We are the leading rubber belts manufacturer in India. For the period of more than four decades, we are the in the production and the rubber belts supplier in Mumbai, India. Our company is known for the quality service and the product that we are providing to our customers. And, we have more than thousands of the national and the international customers that are situated in the different part of the world that have took the benefit of the service and are satisfied with our product quality.

Our executive is 24*7 available for our customer and you can contact us anytime and anywhere. We are providing you a full time assistance related to the service or product. We are the foremost PU jointed belts supplier and exporter in India that providing the service at the exclusive price. The products are packed and deliver in such a manner that there is no product loss or damage while it is supplied or exported in the different part of the world.

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