Timing Belts
Conveyor Belts
PU Timing Belts
V Belts Manufacturer

Timing Belts

Timing Belts

We are the leading manufacturer and exporter copany of wide range of Timing Belts which are mainly used fir for power transmission.

Rubber Belts Manufacturer

Rubber Belt

We are made from optimum quality raw materials that ensure longer working life. Moreover, we are counted as reliable suppliers of Rubber Belts.

Conveyor Belts

Conveyor Belts

Our Conveyor Belts are widely used in different types of applications like Bottling Plant, Wood working Furniture, Granite, Brick, Glass Industries.

Rubber Belts Manufacturers

Rubber Belts Manufacturer

Shail International Pvt. Ltd. was established by Mr. Suresh Somani in 1980 in Mumbai as the manufacturer of Rubber Belts. Since the foundation, it has been almost 3decates that we have been supplying the belts in various parts of the world. We have gradually increased and emerged as the pioneer domicile for manufacturing imported quality belts. Since the beginning we have strived to achieve the main resolution of becoming the best and leading provider of a wide variety of rubber belts.


We always ensure to provide our customers with supreme quality belts, services and meet their requirements accurately. We stand not only as manufacturer but also as supplier and exporter of a variety of belts in all over the country and world. We offer high superiority of products that never disappoint our clients. We believe in the policy that both we and the customer earn a fine reputation in the market as well as increase our profit margin. We have confidence in accomplishing complete consumer loyalty by expanding an incentive as far as administrations, on predictable premise.

We have generated an excellent record in manufacturing and supplying the rubber belts like timing belts, STD belts, HTD belts, PU flex belts, Polyflex belts etc. in both domestic and international market with the demographic extending the whole range of the client business. Our organization strives to meet the need and expectations and increase customer satisfaction. We take into account a wide range of utilization, for example, Power Transmission, Linear Drives, Heavy-Duty Drives and Special Profiles for Conveying Application. Our Suppliers for every one of the sorts of Products are Gates, Contitech, Synchroflex, Carlisle, and Elatech.

Providing the finest quality of belts in the industry and growth in the number of customers.

We aim in becoming the chief supplier of modern belting items and administration for all the market that we serve.

Why Rubber belts?
Rubber belts are actually the belts which are used to connect two end or pulley to transfer products. These belts are attached to the pulleys and as the pulley rotates the belts help to convey the product or run the rotator.  These belts are made up of one or more layers of materials. They are durable and reliable components that are used for shipping higher volume of product with less labor and efficiently making your work easy and fast.

Why choose us?
We assure that our belts provide flawless operation and are fault free giving long durability. We give complete assurance and commitment on quality we offer. Our belts are manufactured under immense research and most innovative and advanced technology then they are also strictly under expert supervision.

Our Products:

  • Timing Belts & Pulley
  • PU Timing Belts
  • HTD Belts & STD Belts
  • PU Open Belts
  • PU Flex Belts
  • PU Joined Belts
  • V and Poly V Belts
  • Conveyor Belts
  • Knitting Belts
  • Lifting Tapes
  • Belts with coating


  • Efficiency
  • High durability
  • High performance power transmission
  • Least maintenance
  • Flexibility
  • Low noise